KACF-SF is committed to transforming the lives of individuals and families within the Korean American community in the greater San Francisco Bay Area by pursuing the following three-fold mission:

  • Raise awareness of needs and issues

  • Promote self-sufficiency

  • Foster a culture of philanthropy




We strive to be an active contributor to the vibrant network of foundations and nonprofit organizations working to empower lives and transform our communities.


KACF-SF believes in and is committed to upholding the following core values:

  • Philanthropy and Volunteerism:  We believe that philanthropy and volunteerism are vital to the promise and success of American society and that individuals have an obligation to give back to their communities to the best of their ability and circumstance.
  • Social Justice & Equity: We believe that empowered individuals, families and communities -- those free from economic, social, physical, mental, linguistic, generational or other barriers -- are best equipped to handle the stresses and strains of modern life, its challenges and opportunities.
  • Collaboration & Partnership: We believe that collaboration and partnerships that foster common understanding, shared problem-solving and collective action are necessary for effective, sustainable solutions and outcomes.
  • Responsiveness & Effectiveness:  We believe that valuing careful listening, evaluation and learning, as well as demonstrating flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances will help ensure organizational success.
  • Integrity, Transparency & Responsible Stewardship: We believe that all community-oriented organizations must operate in an open, transparent and fair manner, encouraging the highest possible standards of conduct and ethics among the Board, staff, and partners, and adhere with an equally abiding commitment to fiscal responsibility and accountability.