First Korean American Community Conference a Success!

2018-03-24 12.30.28.jpg

KACF-SF, in partnership with the Korean American Professional Society (KAPS) held the first-ever Korean American Community Conference on March 24th at Google Community Space in San Francisco.  More than 80 attendees and speakers included academics, community & civic leaders, social workers, healthcare providers, nonprofit leaders, young professionals and others who came together to learn and share their insights into priority needs and challenges facing the Korean American community in the Bay Area. Panel presentations and small group discussions focused on topics of health and wellness, senior care, domestic violence, and civic engagement. Presenters also shared different models and approaches to addressing the needs, and challenged participants to think outside the box in considering possible solutions.  

Attendees valued the unique opportunity to learn about community needs and to connect with each other. They left energized about getting involved and contributing to strengthening our community.  More than 30 of the attendees were inspired to form teams to participate in the follow-on Solve-a-Thon competition, to be held on April 14th.  

Read coverage about the conference in the local Korea Times (in Korean) HERE.

Comments from conference attendees included:

“What an amazing event it was!  Most of all, this event has taught me so much and I was the WINNER for gaining the most out of this conference.” 

“It was such an eye-opening and enlightening conference. I never thought the Korean community, especially in the San Francisco region, faced such issues.”

“It was such a great event. I was really impressed by the panelists/moderators, and I left feeling really hopeful.”

“It's great to see the young people being enthusiastic, to meet colleagues who are passionate in serving the community, and leadership who are enthusiastic and passionate in gathering people and having a conversation.” 

"I understood things about the Korean American immigrant community that I had never known before. This event was a meaningful start to trigger the interest of 1.5 and 2nd- generation Korean American professionals.”

“Thanks for the wonderful conference! I’ve been telling more of my Korean American friends about it.”