KACF-SF seeks to empower Korean Americans to be effective philanthropists and community advocates. As a supporter of KACF-SF, you are contributing to our community’s success by enabling our work as a grantmaker as well as a convenor of organizations and facilitator of community dialogue and collaboration.

We are pleased to recognize the generosity of donors who help KACF-SF achieve its mission and strengthen our community. Click HERE for more information about donation levels.

KACF-SF Leadership Circle (Inaugural Year, 2016) -- $10,000 and above

  • So Yong Park and Brian Byun
  • Karen and Perry Ha
  • Sung Jin Suhr and Frank Ingriselli
  • Sophia Oh-Kim and Seung K. Kim
  • Chong-Moon Lee
  • Susan Kim and David J. Lee
  • Jean and Jeffrey Lee
  • Jennifer and David Lin

KACF-SF Founders Circle (Inaugural Year, 2016) -- $5,000 and above

  • Yoon and Kisuk Cho
  • Mary and Bill Kim
  • E. John Park
  • Pankaj Patel


  • Dong Kuk Lee
  • Heayoon Woo and David Lee
  • Sam S. Lee
  • Heidi and Tony J. Lee
  • Christine Lim
  • Rosemarie Nahm
  • Caroline Shin & Sean Pak
  • Susan Repo
  • In Sik Rhee
  • Young Sohn
  • Jung Yeon Son

KACF-SF Patron -- $1,000 to $4,999

  • Du Hyun and Sarah Chai
  • Sophia Chang
  • Jessica and Andrew Cho
  • Kevin H. Choi
  • Jay H. Eum
  • Chul Soo Ha
  • Kahn Ha
  • Yong Y. Han
  • Marie Oh Huber
  • Yilam Kang
  • Alex Inho Kim
  • Joyce and Paul Kim

KACF-SF Supporter -- $500 to $999

  • Susanna Bracke 
  • David S. Chang 
  • Nuri Chang
  • Moonhie Chin 
  • Michelle Park Chiu 
  • Hagen Choi 
  • Hogene L. Choi 
  • Susan Jhin 
  • Eugene Jhong
  • James Kim 
  • James H. Kim 
  • Kenny Kim 
  • Paul Kim 
  • Tip (Thomas) Kim 


  • Yeuen Kim
  • Roland Kumagai 
  • Dennis Kwon 
  • Buyong Lee 
  • Keunmyung (Ken) Lee 
  • Minae and Keibock Lee 
  • Robert Lee
  • Taeku Lee 
  • Holly Lim
  • Hodong Nam  
  • Hyun M. Park 
  • Young Ju Park 
  • Jungwon Rhyu 
  • Paul Yun 

KACF-SF "A Dollar-a-Day" Friend

  • Jan Mark Leeman


Institutional Partners

  • Korean American Professional Society
  • Koret Foundation
  • Samsung


  • Kitty Hawk
  • McKesson
  • Progress Investment Management
  • The Boston Consulting Group

Corporate Matching Program Partners

  • Apple
  • California Health Care Foundation
  • Chevron
  • Dropbox
  • Google


*The donors listed above made contributions to KACF-SF between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

Q: My name does not appear, or appears incorrectly, in the KACF-SF Annual Fund. Whom do I contact to have it corrected?

A: If your name has been accidentally misspelled, misplaced or omitted, please accept our apologies and notify Saly Lee, Operations Manager, immediately at salylee@kacfsf.org or 650.656.5705.

Q: Are KACF-SF Annual Fund donors publicly searchable online?

A: Yes. However, to protect donors’ information, the Annual Fund does not include specific giving details.


For all other questions, please contact Saly Lee, Operations Manager, at salylee@kacfsf.org or 650.656.5705.